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Pregnancy and birth classes in Colorado Springs

The birth of your child is a unique and cherished event for you and your family. We offer a variety of classes to support you through the birth and afterward.

Class Registration

Registration is required for all classes. Call 719-571-3101 to register for as many classes as you like. Class fees may be paid at the time of registration via credit card. After registration, you will receive a confirmation letter with dates, times and location of classes. If payment was not made by credit card, fees are due upon receipt of the confirmation letter.
Mail to:

Family Education
St. Francis Medical Center
6001 East Woodmen Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Classes have requirements for minimum and maximum numbers of attendees. (If a class is cancelled or rescheduled, we will notify you and reschedule or refund your money.) If you must cancel your reservation, please call 719-571-3101 as soon as possible so we can open the class to others who may be on a waiting list.

Weather Cancellations

If you need information as to whether a call is cancelled due to bad weather, call 719-571-3101 or 719-571-1000. A decision is generally made by 2:00 p.m. the day of the class.

Parking & Classroom Location at St. Francis Medical Center

If you are assigned to Conference Rooms 1, 2 or 3 at St. Francis Medical Center, park on the top deck at the main entrance or use valet parking at the main entrance. Take the elevator or the grand staircase down to the Garden Level and follow signs to the conference rooms.

When in your Pregnancy to Take Classes


Moms in Motion
Prenatal Yoga
Infant/Child CPR
Infant CPR Anytime

Six to Nine Months of Pregnancy

Prepared Childbirth Classes
Online Childbirth Class
Private Childbirth Class
Practicing Labor Skills Class
Siblings at Birth
Breast-Feeding Class
Using Car Seats
Baby Care Class
Sibling Class

After the Birth

Infant Massage
Breast-feeding Mother’s Group and Baby Weigh-in
Mother’s Milk Bank
Lactation Services
FertilityCare® (Natural Family Planning)

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